Mile High Residential Solutions is proud investors of GreenHabbing.

      We transform houses into energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes in Colorado.

Anyone that has lived in Colorado knows how important it is to the residents on keeping our state clean. From the Rocky Mountains to our farming flat lands, we pride ourselves in the future of our state. That is why we want to do our part in helping keep Colorado clean.

Not only do home values increase with GreenHabbing, but the new hoe owners can benefit from reduced cost in heating costs and other bills. Keep in mind there are also tax incentives for energy-efficient home improvements that are available through the federal government.


How do we GreenHab?

      • Test for Leaks
      • Make sure house is properly insulated, including adding attic insulation
      • Upgrade, replace or Revamp the windows
      • Replace old appliances using energy star appliances
      • Add Energy efficient air conditioning unit
      • Add ceiling fans to help circulate air and reduce air conditioning costs
      • Check exterior sheathing
      • Fill holes around lines
      • Fix furnace issues
      • Switch from Incandescent to Fluorescent light bulbs
      • Add solar panels
      • Planting Trees and plants, rehab the yard
      • Consider reclaimed wood flooring or cork floors


Here are some other tips that anyone can do to GreenHab their home:

      • Program your thermostat as necessary to reduce heat for times of day you are not home (Make sure you have a programmable thermostat)
      • Replace any old light bulbs with Fluorescent light bulbs
      • Keep your water heater on warm (120 degrees)
      • Make sure you are using your appliances properly, read manuals
      • Change filters regularly
      • Consider a tankless or instantaneous water heater
      • Plant trees on the west, south and east sides to shade the house
      • Add solar screens
      • Clean the dryer’s lint filter after every load
      • Clean with vinegar and products free of phosphates, chlorine and petroleum distillates
      • Run only full loads of laundry and in the dishwasher
      • Consider what kind of roofing you have, and look at improving
      • Schedule an energy audit for more expert advice on your home as a whole
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