Specializations in Real Estate

Posted on May 27, 2014 in Blog

Real Estate can be confusing. There are a lot of different moving parts, as well as a lot of different people involved in various different transactions. In this blog I will explain the different specializations within the Real Estate industry.

Real Estate Investor– An investor of real estate that buys and sells real estate. Typically investors will purchase homes, make repairs/improvements, and then sell the house for a profit based on the added value of the property. Investors look to improve neighborhoods, while also getting families out of tough situations fast before their home is foreclosed on or before they end up in a worse situation. Investors will also offer a fair price for any home for someone that is looking to sell their house quickly, or get cash for their home. Investors also work with people that don’t want to pay broker and realtor commission fees with the sale of their home.
Realtor-A member of the National Association of Realtors. Realtors make their living by getting a commission of the sale of homes.
Real Estate Agent– This is a broad statement reflecting that the person you are working with is going to represent you in a real estate transaction.
Broker-Also licensed by the state, a Broker is required to have additional education to be able to manage real estate brokerage. They can be the financial institute facilitating the buying/selling of real estate between a buyer and a seller, or the person who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyer. Brokers typically have commission fees for their services.
Salesperson-Someone licensed and employed by a broker who conducts brokerage activities on behalf of the broker.
Appraiser-Professional who makes a judgement or estimate on the properties market value.
Financing– Business that provides funds for the transaction typically though mortgage loans.
Home Inspector– Experts in real estate, construction and/or engineering that conduct thorough inspection of the home and provide detailed report to both buyer and seller.
Real Estate Counselor– Professionals that provide advice, counseling and judgements to help you with the purchase of, use of, or investment in real estate.
Real Estate Lawyer– Lawyer specializing in Real Estate.

Our goal as Real Estate investors is to help families that want to sell their home fast, for cash. We are cash buyers looking to invest in your home and your family.

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