Realtor VS Investor

Posted on Apr 24, 2014 in Blog

What is the different between Mile High Residential Solutions and a Realtor, you ask?


Here are the factors to take into consideration when reviewing the differences between selling your home with a Realtor versus selling your home to Mile High Residential Solutions.



In order for Realtors to make a living, they are required to take a commission on the sale of your home. The amount of commission can very, but can range from 5-7% with an average of about 5%. If you are selling your home for whatever amount, make sure you deduct the commission from the amount of which you plan to sell your home. Now, we are not saying that commission is bad, but our business structure is different. We do not charge commission (or fees). We give you an exact amount of CASH you will have in hand when you sell us your home. When you sell your home through a Realtor, you may not know until the day of the sale how much you will actually be receiving in the end.

How can we get away with not taking commission on the house? We profit from the added value of the home after we make improvements. Our business is to not buy and sell homes like Realtors, but to improve homes.



We are able to make an immediate investment in your home, which means we can purchase your home, FAST! Realtors have to list the home and wait for someone who is interested in purchasing the home. Selling a home quickly can be important when it comes to risking foreclosure or hurting your credit. Also, some people do not have the option to wait months for their home to sell. That is where we come in. We are able to buy the home fast for a fair price.



When you list your house with a Realtor, keep in mind that the amount the Realtor values your home at is typically not the amount of money you will receive after purchasing the home. Again, you will need to deduct the amount the Realtor will be taking for commission and fees as mentioned above.

It is also common that your home will sell less than what the home is listed for. Depending on the market, negotiation could leave you with offers well below your initial asking price.

Did I mention repairs? During the purchase process and inspection, you may need to make repairs in order to sell the home. Make sure to include these amounts in the actual money you will be walking away with when you sell your home.


Please make sure to take these factors into consideration when deciding between a Realtor or a Cash Buyer:






-Time spent listing a home, open houses and waiting for a buyer



Why Mile High Residential Solutions, a Real Estate Investment company, can benefit you:

-No Commision, No Fees

-You walk away with the exact amount of money we offer for the home

-You do not need to make any of the repairs before you sell the home

-We will buy your house FAST


Please let us know if you have any questions!